Valentine’s Day on Mt Hood

On February 7, 2012 by David Krause

Celebrate a romantic weekend or few nights on Mt Hood. There are more than dinners but night hikes in the fresh snow and time to cuddle by the fire.

Our cabin can help you take your relationship to the next level as you make her a special dinner in our gourmet kitchen to pop the question over. However, if you don’t feel your cooking skills are enough maybe you can drive over to the Resort at Mt Hood and enjoy their 5 course menu for Valentine’s Day. Then come home and have some quite time by the fire without the noises of the lodge or other guests.

If you aren’t attached this Valentine’s Day then just go to the mountain with your friends and avoid the cuteness of the celebration. You can just go skiing and hiking and enjoy being single. However, if you feel the need to find a little romance Mt Hood Meadows is having its annual singles even called Chairway 2 Heaven. It is a speed dating event that takes place on the Blue chairlift.

Either way some time away from the stress of the holiday maybe just what you need. We still have time open on Valentine’s Day and the weekend before. Book now before you miss your shot.

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